What Types Of Water Damage Does Flood Insurance Cover

In Aliso Viejo, CA, the agents at Breathe Insurance are always willing to help their clients understand the ins and outs of flood insurance. There may be circumstances in which certain types of water damage may be mistaken for flood damage. The agents can answer questions and help clients make sure they have the right type of insurance in place, especially if they live in a floodplain.

Flood Damage

Flood damage is caused by rivers, lakes, or other natural bodies of water overflowing due to heavy rains. Heavy rain can also cause standing water to form in low-lying areas or floodplains and eventually make its way inside your home or basement. Homes that are in a floodplain are more likely to receive flood damage, even if they only bear a minor risk. 

Other Types of Water Damage

Many other types of water damage are not considered to be “flood” related. A backed-up sewer system can force water back into your home, but unless it is directly related to flood waters, it may not be covered by flood insurance. Water damage that is caused by standing water around your foundation is also another type of water damage that will more than likely not be covered as flood-related. In this case, you need to use extenders for your eaves to direct water away from your foundation.

In Aliso Viejo, CA, residents can call the agents of Breathe Insurance. to find out if they live in a floodplain and, if so, what types of insurance would be most beneficial in protecting their home. Call today and talk to an agent!

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