Don’t Snooze On Condo Insurance

If you own a unit within a condominium complex, you likely pay your Condo Association each month for insurance coverage. Typically, this coverage only applies to the condo building’s structure and any common areas owned on a collaborative basis. In the usual situation, any damage that may occur in your unit will be your responsibility. California law requires that you have adequate insurance coverage for your own unit in addition to the more general coverage that your Association will carry. If you are not sure of your condo requirements in the greater Aliso Viejo, CA area, the team at Purely Insurance Solutions is here to help!

Protect Your Condo and Your Material Possessions

California has a lot of different types of requirements when it comes to protecting your condo. It is imperative that you work with a licensed agent in order to make sure that your policy meets all of the requirements in your area and provides the protection that you need. Don’t leave it up to chance, makes sure your policy is the right one!

If an incident occurs in a neighbor’s unit or happens in a common area and then affects your unit, you will likely be responsible for fixing any damage. Therefore, it is of key importance to carefully review all of your possessions and make sure that your policy provides the coverage you need in the event of a situation that causes damage or destruction.

Ensure that you have the coverage that you need and that your policy meets the requirements of California insurance law! If you are in the greater Aliso Viejo, CA area, call or stop by Purely Insurance Solutions today to learn more about your condo insurance policy options.

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