Umbrella Insurance


To truly feel secure in protecting your assets and your future, it is essential to have an extra level of protection provided by Umbrella Insurance. A Personal Liability Umbrella Insurance policy provides an additional layer of liability protection over and above the liability coverage provided in your primary insurance policies. If the liability coverage limits are exhausted on your auto, home, or other insurance policies, your Umbrella policy takes over and provides you with additional coverage. Best of all, the cost is minimal, and you can feel secure knowing that you have additional coverage in case the unexpected happens.

Why Do You Need an Umbrella Insurance Policy?

Accidents happen all the time, whether it is in your car, home, rental property, or while you’re out on the town. Imagine if you are at fault in a serious accident and the loss exceeds your liability coverage. Serious accidents can take a toll on your financial future if your liability limits are exceeded. In the case of most serious accidents, your basic coverage limits are not adequate to protect your assets or future income.

Determining Your Umbrella Liability Insurance Needs

A lot of factors determine the amount of coverage you need. Your financial status, lifestyle, and existing coverage are all relevant, but if you were to face a liability lawsuit, judgments can exceed your net worth. Umbrella policies start with providing a minimum amount of coverage of $1,000,000. However, much higher limits are available.

At Purely Insurance Solutions will do a full analysis to help you determine the amount of coverage that is right for you.

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