How Much Flood Insurance Do I Need In California

The state of California is often regarded as an earthquake country. As such, it is essential to have natural disaster insurance that covers your home when the unexpected becomes a reality. What can you do when an earthquake is not the culprit, though? How does flood insurance work in Aliso Viejo, CA, and how much do you need? The Breathe Insurance agents can help you find the flood insurance policy that covers your home and personal assets. 

What Qualifies As An Incident Covered By Your Standard Home Insurance Policy

Natural disasters bring about not all instances of flooding. A broken pipe, for example, can destroy your personal goods through water damage. Such an incident is considered human-made and would, therefore, be covered by your standard home insurance policy up to the plan’s limits. A storm that causes the roof to cave is not a human-made disaster and, thus, would not be covered by your standard insurance plan. In this case, you would need a flooding insurance plan. 

How Much Flood Insurance Do You Need In California

How It is undoubtedly true that California has some of the best weather conditions in the country. You, therefore, may not need as much flood insurance for your home. The average homeowner buys a maximum of $250,000 worth of coverage for floods caused by natural disasters. You may want to consider purchasing umbrella insurance as an additional safety net if your home and personal possessions exceed such an amount. 

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